About Fraser

About Fraser

Do you hate being on camera… want to know a secret? So do I.
In a weird way, this has always been one of my strengths as a photographer, I totally get it. I know how awkward it can feel to be plonked in front of a lens and told to smile… so that is exactly why I avoid it. I want your time with me to feel natural, easy, and relaxed. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the nerves disappear once we start to enjoy ourselves.

Originally from Fife, and living with my other half in Aberdour. It was from my home in Fife that I started my wedding photography business. Previous to this, I was based in Glasgow, where I worked in the film and TV industry. But after a friend asked me to shoot her stunning wedding day I knew I was hooked. Less than a year later, I had worked my last job in the film industry and saved enough money to invest in top of the line camera bodies and lenses. And truth be told, I have never looked back. Now working full time as a wedding photographer, I can’t explain how much I love my work and my lifestyle… I get to capture the happiest day of people’s lives every day for a living… what could possibly be better than that?


About F.D.Young Photography

Fraser founded F.D.Young Photography officially in January 2020, finally bringing his passion for photography to the forefront of his career. Before starting F.D.Young Photography, Fraser worked in the Film and TV industry, including working with companies such as H.B.O, The BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, Channel 5 and more.

Your Story. My Style.

My true passion is storytelling. Photography, by its nature, is storytelling in its purest form. A single frame can carry emotions, convey feelings, bring back memories, or just make us smile. It’s this philosophy and passion to tell real and honest stories that underpins all of my photographic work. That is why my shoots will never feel contrived or unnatural, I want to capture the people and the moments in the purest way that I can. A truly good photo needs no words to describe it.

Some photographers are artists. Some photographers are designers. Some photographers are reporters. I am a storyteller.

Where to find me

I am a Fife based wedding photographer (covering all of the central belt as standard).
Email: Fraser.Douglas.Young@Gmail.com
Phone: 07527333088