Embracing your beautiful rainy wedding day

It’s like rain on your wedding day… and no I’m not being ironic! Don’t let a few rain drops get in the way of your wedding day.

When it comes to planning your wedding in Scotland, no matter what time of year, there’s always a chance there’s going to be some rain. Here are our top reasons why you should embrace rainy weather on your wedding day.

Bride exiting her wedding car covered by two umbrellas to avoid the rain

1. Wet weather and clouds actually make for great photos

Clouds act as a massive soft box. You don’t want to get your photographer started on how important light is when taking photos. Overcast weather means softer shadows and more even lighting – this is much more flattering than a bright sunny day with the clouds acting like a natural beauty filter. Plus, rainy weather means less people are out so you can have the streets for yourself for your couple photos.

In Edinburgh there was something kind of special about having stereotypical Scottish weather on the day of the wedding – it made for AMAZING photos – and means people really cleared out of the Royal Mile.

Tori – Bride
Bride and groom embracing the rain on their wedding day, both holding the umbrella high outside Edinburgh Cathedral on the Royal Mile.

2. Rain means cuddling up next to your partner under an umbrella

Contrary to what the weather sisters said, this time do not leave your umbrellas at home! You can get some beautiful clear or even colourful umbrellas for your wedding day that create such unique wedding photos. It also means you can cuddle up to new spouse and have a wee moment to yourselves while keeping dry from the rain. (Check out @somethingborrowed_ for umbrellas and blankets that will keep you warm for your Scottish wedding).

Bride and Groom kissing down a close off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh after a rainy day on their wedding day.

3. It’s good luck!

Inevitably, if it’s raining on your wedding day you will hear that its good luck, A LOT. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. In some cultures, rains on your wedding day symbolizes fertility, cleansing, renewal, and long lasting marriage. As the saying goes a wetter knot is harder to untie, so as you “tie the knot” on your rainy wedding day remember that your marriage is less likely to unravel.

Bride and groom smiling and cuddled closely under and umbrella to get out of the rain on their wedding day.

4. It’s only a bit of rain, don’t let that spoil your fun!

Relax and enjoy your wedding day no matter the weather. Have a plan B, pack some umbrellas and a pair of wellies, and don’t be afraid to get wet! Remember, you can’t beat them, join them! Rain is completely out your control so don’t let it get in the way of your fun. At the end of the day, you’ll be too busy laughing and celebrating with all your loved ones you won’t have time t worry about the weather. So go dance in the rain and just enjoy yourself – a muddy dress is a sign of a wedding day well spent!

I think we were so consumed with how happy we were and relieved to be done with the ceremony that we didn’t consider [the rain] too much and it just added to the intimacy of the day.

Tori – Bride
Wedding car driving through a very rainy South Queensferry at very rainy wedding day

5. Plus, your wedding flowers will thrive in the rainy weather!

Heat and dry weather has a habit of making your beautiful centerpieces and bouquets wilt throughout the day. This won’t happen on a rainy day. Your flowers are more likely to be happier and fuller in overcast, cooler weather.

bride and groom embracing in the rain on their wedding day

Your wedding day is all about your love for each other and celebrating that love with all your friends and family. No matter the weather, rain or shine we will be there to capture the story of you and your amazing wedding day!

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Written by Caitlin for F.D.Young Photography

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