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Welcome to the BIGGEST giveaway we have ever run!

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Welcome to our most amazing giveaway of 2020.

To celebrate our Instagram passing 1200 followers, and to celebrate the launch of our post-COVID-19 Bounceback Sale we are doing this amazing and unbeatable giveaway to say thanks to our amazing Scottish wedding community and our followers. With everything that has gone on in 2020, it seems to us that this exactly the right time to do something a wee bit generous for the community – because after all, everyone could use an extra win in 2020!
Welcome to the BIGGEST giveaway we have ever run!

If you are new to F.D.Young Photography, then welcome! Please feel free to take a look around our site, you can learn more about me, Fraser, by clicking here. I founded F.D.Young Photography officially in January 2020. Before that, I worked in the Film and TV industry, including working with companies such as H.B.O, Netflix, The BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and more.

What you can WIN.

Without a doubt, these are the very best value prizes we will ever be giving away and this will be a ONE OF A KIND giveaway.

1st Place:

Free engagement shoot (Value £225) at a location of your choosing AND a voucher for £350 off of either our Gold or Platinum packages AND (YES AND) a custom embroidery by @threadedsaga of your favorite image from the shoot!

2nd Place:

Free engagement shoot (Value £225) and a voucher for £300 off of our Gold or Platinum packages!

3rd Place:

Free engagement shoot (Value £225) and a voucher for £250 off of either our Gold or Platinum packages.

How To Enter:

Entry is really really simple! To enter, all you need to do is make sure you are following our Instagram account @fdyoungphotography, like the ‘BIG GIVEAWAY’ post which will be posted at 6PM on Friday the 24th of July (It is very easy to find!) and tag two of your awesome friends who you know will be super excited for you to win our top prize! And even better, if you share our post to your story, you’ll get a second entry into the draw – DOUBLING your chance to win! The giveaway will go live on Friday 24th at 6PM, with the competition closing exactly one week later from this time. The winners will be announced at 6PM the following Sunday evening.


To be eligible you simply have to be a future bride or groom living in the central Scotland area. If you live slightly outside of the central belt (Borders, west coast, North of Dundee/Stirling etc.) you are still more than welcome to enter, but travel costs may need to be arranged for our engagement session.

The Rules:

The winners of the giveaway will be chosen at random. We have a big bag of ping pong balls and when you enter, we will assign you a number (1st entrant will be number 1… and so forth) and your ball will be put into the hat (or in this case bucket! 😉) ready for the draw. You can get a second entry by sharing the WIN post to your story, in which a second ball will be assigned your number and also added to the draw.

In the event a participant who has a double-entry wins two prizes (first of all well done you – you really are lucky 😲) the lower of the two prizes will be forfeited and redrawn for another couple to win! For example, should your first ball be drawn for third place, then your second ball is drawn for first place, you would win the first-place prize and the third-place prize will be redrawn.

The Draw:

The winners will be announced via a video draw on Sunday 2nd August 2020, two days after entries close on Friday 31st July.

The Small Print:

  • The winners will be contacted via Instagram messenger. Once contacted they will have 72 hours to respond, if no response is received, their prizes will be redrawn and given to another couple.
  • The Engagement shoots are entirely free for any couple in central Scotland, and you do not have to book us for your wedding in order to receive them. There are no hidden costs and these are risk-free.
  • The vouchers for our Gold and Platinum packages are eligible for a period of 6 months after the date of the prize draw, after this, the vouchers will be void. If you are unable to use the voucher (for example if you already have another photographer booked), and would only like to win the free engagement shoot, please let us know as soon as possible so that the voucher can be resigned to another couple who are able to use it.
  • This offer is not in association with the Instagram platform.
  • Prizes cannot be stacked with other sales and offers.

EXAMPLE:  @threadedsaga 

Good luck!

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